The economic growth and business health of almost any country worldwide is often firstly  judged by their manufacturing base. Indeed, a country with a weak manufacturing base is often considered to have a failing economy!

 At BSI we understand the importance of manufacturing and are continually working with manufacturers in dozens of countries, not only to make their

manufacturing more efficient and more profitable, but also handling their finance/funding, their marketing, their exports, sourcing of their raw materials and components, supplying production machinery, freight logistics and every other conceivable area of need within the manufacturing and engineering industries.

Just a few of the thousands of manufacturing companies we’ve worked with over the decades and continue to have good relationships with can be seen from this selection of manufacturers products brochures (mostly with direct manufacturers export prices shown) here:

If you are a manufacturer and would like support with anything from a single service to a complete support package, or simply to get your products into countries in any part of the world, we would be happy to discuss your needs with you.

Alternately, if you are interested in any of the manufactured products in any of the 130 brochures illustrated, or in any other products we have which are not illustrated here, then please contact us

directly. With all our products, there are no ‘intermediaries’ inflating the prices, everything comes direct from the factory delivered directly to your doorstep at factory prices!

Just contact us on our contacts page and we’ll get straight back to you.