On this page you can be directed to just a small selection of some of the manufacturers worldwide with whom we have worked over the decades.

In the brochures below you can also see a selection of past orders quoted by us to clients worldwide on behalf of the factories, with photos of the products and prices in most cases.

Please note that each of these brochures were prepared for specific clients according to their needs at that time and are only a small selection of what we have.

Furthermore, wherever prices are shown, they are not ‘fixed’ prices as the prices are freshly calculated each time according to quantities required, exchange rates and shipping costs at that time. So the prices are only indicative and may be slightly more or even less than those shown. Once clients give us an idea of where they require the products delivered and the quantities, etc and we will normally give you a fixed quote within 3 working days.

This is not an exhaustive presentation of the products and manufacturers we have worked with over the years and continue to work with, but just a small representation, so if you cannot see what you need, then please ask us.
All products shown are manufactured to full regional & country standards, such as CE for the EU and all relevant certification required for each country is supplied.

Group 1: Furniture for Home & commercial contract furnishing
33 brochures of furniture are illustrated, representing 17 different manufacturers we have been working with are illustrated in this group, with more than half the groups being specifically commercial contract quality furniture which we have designed, manufactured and supplied for hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs, etc.. As commercial contract furniture, the frames and all materials are oversized and over specified to allow for high level commercial usage and abuse! Approximately 20% of the commercial contract furniture illustrated here was designed and manufactured to the hotel, cafe, restaurant or club’s own specification, just for them!

Group 2: Motorcycles – Bicycles – ATV
11 brochures of Scooters & Motorbikes (electric & petrol), Bicycles (electric & pedal) and ‘All Terrain Vehicles’ (ATV), representing 7 different manufacturers we have been working with are illustrated here.

Group 3: Boats & Jetski
10 brochures of various RIB (Ridged Inflatable Boats), Jetski and small inflatable boats are illustrated here representing 7 different manufacturers we have worked with over the years.

Group 4: Floor Coverings – Tiles
9 brochures of various manufacturers of Floor & Wall Tiles, Laminate Flooring, Carpeting, Artificial Grass, etc. from 4 different factories we have worked with over the years.

Group 5: Garden and Outdoor Leisure Equipment & Furnishing
15 brochures of Outdoor Leisure furniture & Equipment, including outdoor chairs, tables, loungers, Garden Swings, Gazebo, Misting Fans, Car Ports, Sun Awnings, Sun Umbrellas & Canopies, Patio Heaters, Outdoor Lighting Baloons, Display & Exhibit Inflatables with Lighting, Metal Fencing, Architectural Lighting & Spotlights, from 11 different manufacturers we’ve been working with for many years.

Group 6: Home Electrical & Kitchen Appliances and White Goods
25 brochures from 15 different manufacturers we have worked with over the years, covering a wide range of goods such as, Electric Fans, Electric Heaters, Hobs, Electric Grills, BBQ, Steam Irons, Vacuum Cleaners, Hair Dryers, Refrigerators, Freezers, Front & Top Loading Washing Machines & Dryers, Commercial Ice Cream Machines, Wood Burning Stoves & Fireplaces, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Electric Lighting & Chandeliers.

Group 7: Security Systems
5 brochures of a variety of security systems, including a wide range of different Surveillance Cameras and security systems for home use and for commercial premises.

Group 8: Public Area Furniture – Playgrounds – Water Parks, School Furnishing etc.
11 brochures from 2 manufacturers we have worked with for many years, covering Playground Equipment, Park & Public Outdoor Furnishing, Kindergarden & School Furnishing, Commercial & home Trampolines & Ball Pools, Water Parks, Inflatable Beach & Water play for commercial parks & beaches and a very wide variety of products overall.

Group 9: Medical Equipment – Mobility – Walking Aids
5 brochures from 3 manufacturers we have worked with over the years providing, Wheelchairs, Mobility & Walking Aids & Frames and Various Medical Equipment, including Suction Apparatus, Oxygen Concentrators, Ultrasonic & Mobile Nebulizers, Anti-Decubitus Mattress & Seating Rings, etc..

Group 10: Modular Housing and Prefabricated Housing
7 brochures from 3 manufacturers we have been working with for many years, supplying Hi-Tech Modular Residential Housing & Prefabricated Holiday Housing of all sorts, including Apartment Blocks, Office Blocks, Hotels, etc..

Group 11: Commercial Wheel Loaders – Pallet Trucks – Fork Lift Trucks
2 brochures from 2 manufacturers we have worked with in past years, supplying a variety of Wheel Loaders & Bulldozers, Pallet Trucks & Fork Lift Trucks for Industrial use.

Group 12: Office Furniture for Commercial office & home use (to be uploaded soon)
These represent a number of recent contracts in 2014 & 2015 when we supplied a number of European office furniture importers and distributors with the products illustrated.

Group 13: Foodstuffs & Beverages – Wines & Spirits
A wide variety of foodstuffs including Olive oils, cooking oils, pastes, jams & preserves, Olives, Botargo, a wide variety of Vinegars (including Balsamics), cheeses, fresh & frozen meats. Then also a wide variety of fruit drinks and concentrates, Wines and spirits, including Vodkas, Ouzo, Gin, Rum, Whiskey, etc. and a wide variety of Liquors.